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I was particularly impressed by her ability to constantly produce unique & thought-provoking content.
— Hannah Frawley | SynMedia
She has the rare gift of understanding the nuances of digital PR and brand voice that can be difficult to teach, but are essential.
— Kat Eves, Style Ethic

Arielle Mae

Arielle is a California-born writer, journalist, editor, and communication strategist based in Sacramento, CA. With a background heavy in writing, she’s worked with a variety of clients in many different industries; driving content strategy and distribution for each of them.

As a Columnist and Entertainment Editor at a California-based newspaper, she authored a weekly op-ed column, conducted artist interviews, acted as a liaison between publicists and writing staff, and worked with Associate Editors to develop the publication’s tone and overall direction.

During the nearly ten years spent working as a journalist, she discovered an affinity for conducting interviews. Since 2007 Arielle has interviewed a variety of creative types, including Jonathan Richman, Portugal. the Man, Kinski, Jeffrey Brown, and Nicole Georges, to name a few.

Currently, Arielle is working on a number of writing projects that are still taking shape, and will be announced in the near future.

Send questions and comments to arielle@zooeymae.com